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The Invisible Octopuss

Octopuss (get it?) has green skin and blue spots.
He uses his furry skin to make people think they
are blind. One morning Octopuss decided to go
and find some fish. He was happily hunting, when
his worst nightmare appeared. Sharkadog started
to chase Octopuss. They were chasing each other.
Octopuss went down a shipwreck hole. Sharkadog
followed. Soon Sharkadog had Octopuss cornered.
There was a loud squeak and Sharkadog turned
round to see Lobbamouse, a giant mouse with
poisonous pincers! In the blink of an eye,
Octopuss disappeared and lived happily ever after.

by Alice Wilkinson (8)
East Ravendale CE Primary Academy, East Ravendale

Competition - Crazy Creatures

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