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Vegetable Virus

Miss Vegetable Virus has six putrid arms that drip
with pungent pumpkins, appalling asparagus and
goblin-like gherkins. Worst than that though, is her
ghastly, revolting and unpleasant breath. Her one
staring, intense eye watches with incredible
intensity and could even be watching you now!
One day, whilst skulking in Cauliflower Island, the
Sugar Kids sprang from nowhere to pelt her with
chocolate and cakes, whilst riding their threewheeled
hot trikes. Virus chased them and, using
her six long limbs, she grabbed the trikes to pull
her forward and knocked them out cold with her
stinky stench.

by Joe Peat (10)
Corpus Christi Primary School, Glasgow

Competition - Crazy Creatures

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