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Over The Rainbow

A rainbow, when the sun and rain work in unison
To form a multicoloured, enchanted arch.
It only lasts for a while
And once you open your eyes, it vanishes.
But what happens if you could elevate yourself
And arrive on the ivory, cushiony clouds?
Beyond the vivid rainbow I see my heart's desire:
World peace has begun,
I feel connected with everyone
And in the fields the mythical creatures everyone told
me weren't real
Were in front of my very eyes.
A land where no sadness or anger exists.
I'd call it my happy land
Where nothing atrocious is there
What I want my life to be...
Full of happiness
Then I wake up and find myself in my bed
Staring at the window and the sun brightly shining on
the foot of my bed.
It was all a dream but my life can still be full of
Cheerfulness, if I make it.

by Mikayla Figueroa (11)

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.