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To Solve, To Save, To Settle, To See

You want my land,
I want it too.
I'm sure we can think,
Of something to do.

To solve, to save, to settle, to see.
To see we're the same, both you and me.
Then why this fight? Why all this drama?
Remember she's coming. Your old friend, Karma.

You see what you've done?
This pain that you've caused.
The violence, bloodshed.
Our lives posthumous. Paused.

We're tired now. We have not eaten,
For two days now, we're broken. Beaten.
Help stop this war, this devastation.
We're losing hope. Determination.

You know what you're doing.
The bomb and the blitz
Hit by the blight
This bloodbath sits.

I need no land!
No need for power
Just give me my life
I want one more hour

To solve, to save, to settle, to see.
Conflict has done this.
To you.
To me.

by Amtul Khawaja (15)
The International School, Birmingham

Competition - War Of Words

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