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The Adventure

The pencil stared and rubbed its eyes.
All around him were sobs and cries.
A sharpener, ruler and a green felt tip.
All struggling, failing to undo the zip.
Like a hero, I clasp it, pull it back
Careful at first, just a crack
I take a peep out of the hole
Feeling like a springtime mole.
Children leaving for the night
A tired teacher turns out the light.
I pull out the stationery one by one,
'Come on,' I shout, 'let's have some fun.'
But too much excitement's not good for my health.
I'm dizzy, I trip, fall behind the shelf
But then a pale hand reaches round
Hooray! I have been found!
I'm popped into a pocket with a lovely smell
She's an artist, I can tell.
I wake to find
I dreamt it all,
So I grab my pencil and I'm off to school!

by Poppy Patnell (9)
Sandringham & West Newton CE Primary School, West Newton

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.