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An Ocean Adventure

I go to bed on a starry night,
And close my eyes so very tight.
To find myself in the ocean blue,
With dolphins, turtles and clownfish too.
There are seal lions and whales swimming by my side,
And creatures like crabs that would rather hide.
The ocean was such a wonderful place,
Especially if you were in the middle of a great embrace.
We became great friends in two minutes flat
And did loads of things like play and chat.
It really was amazing to see,
Where my imagination could take me.
But then suddenly everyone started to worry,
They were all in a great big hurry.
To hide behind rocks and bits of seaweed
Why was it so sudden? What could they need?

I didn't understand what was going on,
Why had they all left me? Why had they all gone?
They tried to warn me but I didn't see,
A great big shark, coming for me!
I stood there, petrified and still,
And through my spine ran an icy chill.
It looked like I had met my end,
For it was clear this shark wasn't a friend.
It circled me with big beady eyes,
Nobody could hear my cries.
How could this amazing time,
End up with me being eaten up at dinner time?
Then all of a sudden my friends started to bark,
And created a barrier between me and the shark,
Until the shark ran away.
Sea creatures had saved my life that day.
To show them my thanks and gratitude,
I held a party with dancing, singing and food.
The air was filled with great delight,
It really was a happy sight.

When all of a sudden my mum awoke me,
And told me to get ready.
I was so disappointed it had just been a dream,
For it had practically made me beam.

by Ananya Sinha
The Ursuline Preparatory School, Ilford

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.