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What A Day!

The stage is set, the props are ready,
Everyone here's excited, hang on, steady!
Someone is missing, who could it be?
A dancer it seems, oh what a catastrophe.
Mum, Dad, brother, sister,
Everyone, quick search the theatre,
Maddie G is the dancer,
She must be nervous, we have to find her.
Not to worry, she has been found,
She's in her room safe and sound.
I fear though, someone will have to step in,
Until Maddie G is ready to begin.
The stage is set, the props are in their places,
The performers are waiting to show their faces.
Please take your seats, the show will soon start,
We hope you enjoy it with all your heart.

by Summer Taylor
Elstow School, Bedford

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.