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Anne The Unicorn

When it is dark and I've closed my eyes,
My mind starts to wander and my dreamself flies.
I go to a fantasy world,
Where I see unicorns all curled
up making a plan.
I have a unicorn friend
And her name is Anne.
Anne tells me this world is good
And she tells me I really should
Visit the land of evil and blood,
All the wizards form a team
And I use my power to make a light beam
I use the light to lead the way
We're fighting for our lives today!
We've reached the place
The monsters start to give chase
We start to fight but they're too strong
And we realise we won't last very long.
Then they start to sing a dreadful song,
I lie on the floor scared and alone
Then I wake up safe at home!

by Grace Hendley
St John The Evangelist Catholic Primary School, Stoke-On-Trent

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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