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Disco Dancing Spider

I had a dream there was a spider disco dancing on my nose,
A black-as-the-night spider, with eight legs and eight toes.
It was moon walking upon my face whilst I was fast asleep,
It was wriggling and tickling. 'Argh!' I started to then weep.
I didn't like this nightmare so I began to toss and turn,
I dreamt that I could catch him in a paper cup or urn.
I could put him in the garden with the grass and swaying trees,
And hope that he'd be blown away in the cold, windy breeze.
But what if my hairy friend was scared outside and frightened of the dark?
I'd let him come back in again and he could boogie inside my toy ark.

My rules would be, you're allowed in my room but no dancing on my face,
Or I'll send you packing in the garden with your eight legs and suitcase!

by Abigail Farrow
Meadow Primary School, Epsom

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.