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Joshua's Space Story

... outer space!
'This is amazing,' cried Emma and Ben. The dog gave a bark in reply.
'Look at Earth,' said Ben, 'doesn't it look beautiful from here?'
'Yes it does,' said Emma.
Their dog was getting really jiggly so they knew he was pretty excited about their adventure coming up soon and so were they.
'Hey,' said Emma, 'let's see how many stars we can collect and count all together.'
'That's a good idea,' exclaimed Ben.
'1, 2, 3 and 4... '
Whilst they were doing that, an alien came up from one of the craters in the moon and coughed until he got their attention, but they couldn't hear him. Right then the dog could smell something fishy and ran after it.
After they had finished counting stars they could see their dog chasing something in the distance. By the way, the dog's name was Rex. 'Come on, let's follow Rex.'
'Okay,' said Emma, so they ran after him. Soon they caught up with him and saw what he was chasing after... an alien! 'Amazing!' said Emma as they were lifted into the spaceship.
'Hello,' said the alien, 'my name is Tom.'
'Hello Tom, my name is Ben, this is Emma and this is Rex.'
'Well, I need your help to go to the other side of the galaxy and defeat a monster that's destroying my home planet, Bluma.'
'The other side of the galaxy?'
'Yes, the other side of the galaxy, but we'll be there in two minutes in this ship.'
'Really?' said Ben.
'There it is,' said Thomas. They looked over their shoulders to see the blue, gooey monster destroying everything in its path with its spiky tongue that's was hard as rock. Then Rex started barking at the monster and it ran far away from there. Rex was a hero! Hip hip hooray! Emma and Ben went home with Rex. 'Bye,' they all said, 'see you another time.'
'Well we did work well as a team today and we also know that Rex is a good weapon against monsters,' and they all laughed.

by Joshua Abogunrin
St Aloysius Primary School, Lisburn

Competition - My First Story 2017

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