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A Dream And A Nightmare

Admired by me for just what you are.
Determined to see, to watch by far.
Remember to me, you're a star.
Excellent performance, you're a superstar.
Amazing imagination, unique by far
My world I've landed in Ninjago, all these things you are.
This world turns quickly to despair
Fourteenth of April 1912 three days into a voyage
On a boat in the cold I'm not even aware
Ice near the boat could the ship manage?
Crack! Captain! Near the bow, a tear!
It's even worse, look there's a leakage
Bang! The captain's noticed, there's a flare
Screams heard, panic from knowledge
Passengers ran, alarms everywhere.
Lowest floor flooded, slipping like a spillage
Argh! I've been pushed, falling in mid-air
Splash! Chaos from the sea, a daunting image
Saltwater fills my lungs gasping for air
Taking my last breaths I stare at the wreckage.
Where am I? I was in the Atlantic
Back at home I clutch the cover fabric
It started with magic
Then ended with tragic
The one and only Titanic.

by Nife Buluro
Limes Farm Junior School, Chigwell

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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