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My Dream Island

I dream of an island,
As colourful as can be,
With hummingbirds
And rainbow trees.
Look over there!
Is that a waterfall?
Pouring gold glitter!
Oh so beautiful!
The smell of musk,
I am getting from this island,
How excited I am,
To see rocks made of diamonds.
Colours in the sky,
Above the shimmery sea,
Filling me with laughter,
Whilst we sing happily!
My friends and family arrive,
To join me for a treat,
We set up the table
And they surprise me with sweets.
A cloud came along,
To give shade from the sun,
We played on the beach
And had lots of fun!
The cloud comes down
And takes me to the sky,
As fluffy as candyfloss,
I felt like I could fly.
I see my rainbow island,
As beautiful as can be,
With laughter and happiness,
Filling inside of me.

by Imani Chaudhury
Quwwat-Ul-Islam Girls' School, London

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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