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The Worst Nightmare I Ever Had

Oh no, not again
Staring all around my mind is in pain
Smoke rises up from the endless landscape
Will I wake up? Will I be safe?
Snap! Crunch! And then a howl!
Wait - Is a wolf on the prowl?
The noise sends a shiver dancing down my spine
Will my life be his or will it be mine?
If I were at home asleep in bed
I would not be walking to the terror ahead
I was shaking; I was scared
But the wolf had gone - I had been spared.
Before a sigh of relief could cross my face
I had to head home at quite a pace
But had I been that tiny bit more speedy
I would've escaped, this would've been easy.
As the smoke crept back again, obscuring my view
When the wind (that nobody likes) blew
Old, twisted trees' limbs snatched me 
Dancing, and whistling and swaying viciously.
Could this night get any worse?
Yes this night has given me a curse
The noise of scuttling isn't the nicest sound
I couldn't help it, I was bound flat to the ground.
Spider's eight eyes look me right in the face
Why doesn't this night have any grace?
Pools of sorrow drip and form beneath my ears
Why does this night hold all my worst fears? 
Oh please, let me give up my spirit
I want to do it right at this minute
Ring! I hear, and I am so glad...
Because that was the worst nightmare I ever had!

by Lucy Parkinson
Darfield Upperwood Primary School, Barnsley

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.