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In My Magical Dreamland

Around the mountain my friend and I go.
We discover a cave with a mystical glow.
Magical dreamland, with surprises galore,
I knew in an instant it would not be a bore.
We look all around at such a wonderful sight,
How will we ever compare the delight?
We we're not shocked, we are not scared,
But what we see has to be shared!
Pirates fire cannons of petals and bluebells,
As dragons fly over carrying mischievous elves.
Fairies dance and skip around,
This singing creates a beautiful sound.
Confused and happy, my friend and I giggle,
We watch with amusement, join in with a wiggle.
A wizard appears, a spell he does cast,
I wake with a jump, why can't my dream last?

by Caitlin Hopcroft

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.