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Surely it can't be the 8th of May,
Feels like I only began revising yesterday!
All around the country, children filled with fear,
As the fateful week of SATs is here.
I walk into the room with a feeling of dread,
Thoughts of failure nagging in my head.
I see the desks looking lonely and small,
It's almost time says the clock on the wall.
I open to the first question,
Phew! I don't feel any frustration.
A smile of relief appears on my face,
It's not too hard, there's no need to race.
Wait! This is a maths paper, why a modal verb?
This is ridiculous, it's really absurd!
Hold on, question three says sing a song,
I look up to see Simon Cowell singing along.
Things are becoming strange, this should be SATs,
So why is Archie pulling rabbits out of hats?
Is it only me that's noticed this? I look around to check,
When suddenly, my eyes fall upon Ant and Dec!
They smile at me and give a thumbs up,
Now here comes Kaitlyn with Bruce, her dancing pup.
Miss Barlow steps up to sing 'My Heart Will Go On',
Wow! She's amazing, even better than Celine Dion.
The crowd go wild with applause and cheers,
Then from backstage, Mr Smythe appears.
'Stop messing about, get back to your test.'
Slam! David Walliams stands up and the golden buzzer
is pressed.
I see glitter, ribbons and Miss Barlow's tears,
But what is that awful ringing in my ears?
Then my eyes jolt open as my alarm clock screams,
So it wasn't Britain's Got Talent, it was just in my
Oh no, it's really the 8th of May, what will I do?
I wonder if dreams really do come true.

by Kathryn Raynor

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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