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Alex's Superhero Story

Inside the door there were elves and fairies. They were all lurking quietly around. How magical it was! All of a sudden and out of nowhere, this elf showed himself. He had a large and round body. Then they saw a robber.
They shouted, 'Come back.' But he just kept on running away. They quickly ran to get him. He was slower than them so they could catch him. They were quickly catching up now.
A second later, they caught him. He was a very bad man. They were very unhappy with him. How happy they were because they had caught him.
They locked him in jail. He was not happy there but it served him right. Emma and Ben were happy though.
After, they celebrated. They had party food, party cake and party bags. How happy they were. They were out of breath.
After they went home to their tree house, they played games. They ate food. What would they do if there was another baddy?

by Alex Palmer
Coleshill CE Primary School, Birmingham

Competition - My First Story 2017

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