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Asiya's Space Story

Once upon a time, Emma and Ben went on the moon. They were very excited to go on the moon with their pet dog, Max.
The alien, Ali, watched Emma and Ben and Max catch yellow stars on the white, shiny, spotless moon. Ali giggled as he watched them. Ali put them in his space plane and took them on a lovely journey. Ali drove all over the moon, it went all over the moon.
'I love it!' said Ben.
'Me too,' said Emma.
'Thanks,' said Ali.
'Woof, woof,' said Max. They laughed.
'I don't want to go home,' said Ben.
'Actually, I want to never go home!' said Emma.
A green, dirty, ugly space monster was on hot, red Mars. He stuck his tongue out on the back of the space plane. 'We need help!' said Emma.
Ben called his space phone to get help. 'Quickly!'
They arrived home. They were very excited. They waved at Ali and went back home. 'I'm getting tired and want to go to bed!' said Ben.

by Asiya Abdirizak Mohamud
Charville Primary School, Hayes

Competition - My First Story 2017

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