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Candyfloss And Bubblegum

Last night I closed my eyes tight shut,
No one could ever wake me up,
I looked around in my head,
That was neatly rested on my bed,

I closed my eyes and looked around,
I was standing up but not on the ground,
The ground was a swimming pool instead,
I loved this dream so I stayed in bed,

The clouds were fluffy pink and blue,
And of course they tasted like bubblegum too,
I took a big bite, then started flying,
I was really excited but it was still terrifying,

My dream was getting bigger and bigger,
Then I saw a chocolate river,
I sat in the beautiful swimming pool,
But then I started to heavenly drool,

I opened my eyes to see the real world,
But I was just on my bed my body all curled,
My candyfloss and bubblegum was just a dream,
But I happily opened my eyes to the lovely sunbeam.

by Ella Rice-Troughton (9)
Grange CE Primary School - Cumbria

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.