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The Unicorn

It was a hot day out in the sun

So I thought I'd get some gardening done

But wait, what was that high in the sky?

An eagle and a unicorn were flying by

The eagle and the unicorn did collide

As the unicorn landed down by my side

'Oh no,' said he, 'I've hurt my knee.'

'Don't worry,' said I, 'you'll soon be fine.'

'Won't you come and let me take a look

You can have a rest while I do my best

Maybe you can read a book.'

Soon it was too late for him to fly

Out into the dark, dark night sky

'You can sleep here by my side.'

'If you're sure,' he said

'Then tomorrow I'll take you for a ride.'

In the morning we flew higher and higher

To a place far away called Candy Tower

It was great fun but it had to end

As the unicorn flew me round the bend

Next thing I knew away he flew

As I woke it was clear it was once upon a dream.

by William Clarke (8)
Norwich Lower School - Norfolk

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.