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I'll Never Dream The Same Again

Every single night I dream,

I dream of things not as they seem,

But tonight I saw more,

In fact, I saw all to adore.

Everyone's dreams good and bad,

Everyone's dreams happy, sad.


Tonight I saw a unicorn,

And cute little puppies all before dawn.

Tonight I saw birds and butterflies,

Soaring happily through the skies.

What a wonder of a fate,

All through one magical gate.

But something wasn't quite right,

Something not quite in sight.

Perhaps it was the dark skies

Telling me my dreams were all lies.

Or the tense atmosphere

That lurked around, roaming so near.

Perhaps the slow nursery rhymes,

Filling my aching ears with chimes.

Or perhaps the world behind me,

Black and white for all to see,

All to see, especially me.

It was a horror scene, full of scares,

They were my dreams turned into nightmares.


One-eyed dolls and clowns edged nearer,

As all the scares became oh so clearer.

There were murderous bugs,

Coming to get me, even slugs.

Anytime now, dead I would be,

For they were here to murder me.

What was I to do? All that pain,

I'll never dream the same again.

by Emma Lakin (11)
Oakdale Junior School - Dorset

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.