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The Dragon Of Crystal Lagoon

Once upon a time,

And once upon a dream,

The land on which I frolicked was nothing as it seemed

The sky was ruby-red, the sea was crystal-blue;

Come on the dragon of crystal lagoon, where are you?


My time is running quick,

My time is running fast

The water is corrupting, and rationing the hours I last

For I'll be roaring with the seas soon;

Come on dragon of crystal lagoon where are you?


But alas! My terrible thoughts of fear,

She comes with unquestionable beauty,

'Come on, hop on my scaly back for I know it is my duty!'

So on I got and then I knew that I would be there soon

As we passed the dancing of the clouds,

Oh! The dragon of crystal lagoon.

by Kiran Singh (11)
St Piran's School - Berkshire

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.