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Lost In Dreamland

I'm lost, I'm lost where could I be?

Is that a magical unicorn following me?

Shall I go left or shall I go right?

Where will I travel to on this journey tonight?

I look around and see thousands of eyes

Staring out into the darkness like mystical spies.

I hear something strange, I need to run!

I jump on my friend's back, the adventure's begun

The majestic beast sours up high

Leaving danger behind us, no time for goodbye

I was excited and scared but now I feel safe

As we are now in a far away place.

I curl up in the warmth of the unicorn's mane

As my eyes begin to shut I am back in bed again.

by Ellie Groom (10)
Perry Hall Primary School

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.