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What Else Will I See?

I look all around and spy

The exquisite stars floating around

Our guardians, glittering like a unicorn

Looking down on us with hope


I close my eyes

Let my mind expand

What lies beyond our solar system?

Whatever it is, will we find it hand in hand?


As I gaze upon our Celestial Solar System

I notice magical, microscopic baby stars

Hiding away in their nebulae miniseries

When will they give their true meaning?


I look through my telescope, in my dream

At the spacious, superbly sparkly sky

Our gleaming, glistening guardians

Looking down on us with contentment

I see in my mind

I imagine and dream

I feel in my head

Wonder and amazement.

by Misha Rajesh (11)
Bicker Preparatory School - Lincolnshire

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.