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A Dream Fit For A Witch!

One night when I fell asleep

Into a sleep that was deep

I found myself in a witch wonderland!


I followed a winding road

I was positive I had heard a toad

When someone reached out for my hand


It was another young witch

Who clearly had an itch!

Then she led me to the school


We met all the magical teachers

They told us, 'Don't go near bad creatures!'

I figured this was a rule


Everyone chose their cats

We also got new hats

I was excited for the first class

We were making a potion

It would make you move in slow motion

But my one nearly shattered the glass!


Next I was going to fly

On my broomstick high into the sky!

But my cat nearly fell into a tree!


What a wonderful day

In my bed I lay

On my face was a smile of glee.

by Ruby Rosina Ward (9)
Springfield Primary School - Middlesex

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.