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The Baker's Health Condition

When you're waiting for the big bang, there isn't much to do,
There's nothing to think, hear or see, just blackness and you,
Whilst the invisible baker kneads the dough, and the electrician fixes the oven,
You sit and stare, over there, at the pizza getting gas smothered,
And after a year, or two, or three, the dough begins to rumble,
Bits fly off in all directions, the building starts to crumble,
Then all of a sudden an explosion sounds, from the team of demolition,
The pizza smells of rotted fish, and dung, you wonder about the baker's health condition,
Now everything starts to catch fire, and utensils fly everywhere,
It all begins to smell of cheese, and it's really quite pleasant,
Now tomatoes, and squashes, and leeks, are soaring into the sky,
A god names them after all his friends, nobody knows why,
And a blueish, greenish melon comes last, very special indeed,
So thus the planet Earth is formed, and our alien connection,
But we remain to be alone, in our human world,
We don't want to let the chocolates out, of the life confection.

by Charlie Byfield (10)
Croyland Primary School, Wellingborough

Competition - Out Of This World

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