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The Figure

The murky towering trees,

Shadowing over my diminutive skull.

I have a feeling I am not alone,

I am being followed...


Spooked, terrorised, intimidated and petrified.

The tumult of the figure behind me is startling me.

It trails behind me and I let out a yell,

I am being followed…


For a split second, I turn my head,

The icy water is at my feet,

Dragging me under,

Taking my breath as its own.


Blackness follows,

The dark hidden everywhere.

I wake up suddenly!

It was a nightmare!

Since this day, I found my fear,

The dark!

It lives inside us all,

But only when we close our eyes.

by Priyah Dada (10)
Minworth Junior And Infant School - West Midlands

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.