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Chloe's Magical Story

They went in and saw a beautiful castle, surrounded by large, towering trees and prickly bushes. They took their dog in with them but the dog got scared and hid in the bushes.

Emma and Ben followed a long, snaky path towards the castle and sitting on a spotty toadstool was a fairy, who asked, 'Where are you going, little children?'

The children replied, 'We are trying to find our dog,' when the dog appeared out of the bushes.

Then they saw a troll with a huge wart on the end of his nose. Emma and Ben were a bit scared at first, but the troll was very friendly and welcomed the children to the land of wondrous creatures.

Then the troll showed the children his house. They were amazed by how many board and video games he had.

The troll and fairy were very excited that the children had come to visit and invited them to celebrate the troll's birthday.

Emma and Ben were having so much fun that they didn't realise it was getting late. But the children couldn't wait for their next adventure. And they lived happily ever after.

by Chloe L Smith
James Cambell Primary School - Essex

Competition - My First Story 2017

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