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Fatima's Space Story

… outer space. Then all of a sudden they began to float. They landed on Venus. It was very hot so they decided to float to Mars. They were excited to see the biggest volcanoes in the solar system.

After Mars they landed on Jupiter and saw gold shooting stars. When they looked behind them they saw an alien that was looking at them but didn't say anything.

The alien had bright, sparkly, shiny purple eyeshadow and she was wearing pink lipstick.

The alien beamed them into her gold spaceship. They were very worried. When they were in the spaceship they saw pink, hot, wobbly jelly that was good to eat.

They were in the spaceship but they were not worried anymore because they both loved jelly so they had a party.

Suddenly they saw a space monster but the alien knew what to do. He scared the monster away with a stick when the monster was trying to eat the spaceship.

Soon after Ben, Emma and their dog went home in the alien's spaceship. 'What a fantastic adventure we've had,' they said and lived happily ever after.

by Fatima Ibrar
Yew Tree Community School - West Midland

Competition - My First Story 2017

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