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Amelia's Jungle Story

One sunny day, Emma and Ben were walking the dog. Suddenly, the dog started barking at a magic door hidden in a tree. They opened the door and it took them to a scary jungle. They had fun swinging on dangling green vines. Their dog, Fluffy, panted with a smile of happiness.

They swung to a big branch. A sly snake seemed to appear out of nowhere. He had bright yellow triangles on his green body and was wrapped around the brown branch. Fluffy hid behind Ben.

Suddenly, the snake grew fierce and chased them down to the ground. Fluffy nearly got left behind! They looked to see if the snake was close. Emma's hair flew behind her.

They ran into a lion. Ben hid behind his twin sister. They were frightened of the lion. They thought he would attack them. His mane looked a sparkly golden colour as the sun shone brightly.

The beast said, 'Come on, I won't hurt you.' He lay down and they climbed on. He ran through the jungle. The leaves tickled his paws. He wasn't looking where he was going and nearly bumped into a tree.

After that, Ben and Emma swung on vines with Fluffy in front on a path. Fluffy barked at a door in a tree, they opened it and it took them home. Fluffy wagged his tail because he was happy that they got through their adventures safely.

by Amelia Brimley
Applecroft School - Hertfordshire

Competition - My First Story 2017

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