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Toby's Jungle Story

As the door creaked noisily open, Emma and Ben froze. Ahead of them lay a beautiful jungle, the colours were dazzling and the bird shrieks were deafening! Ben grinned as he caught sight of huge green vines. 'Perfect for swinging on!' he yelled at Emma. She grinned back.

The vines were a lot of fun, but quite soon Emma and Ben wanted to explore the jungle. Suddenly, Charlie started barking! He had heard a twig snap. 'Who is there?' shouted Emma, trying not to sound scared. A huge python came slithering down towards them.

The snake hissed menacingly at them. They were sure that he was hungry! They were not going to wait around to find out! 'Run!' shouted Emma at the top of her voice. Charlie was running much too slowly!

Charlie's little bark was as scary as a mouse, but amazingly the snake quickly slithered back up the tree. There was a lion a few metres away! The lion stood up slowly. The children and Charlie jumped backwards and gasped. The lion took one step towards them, and carefully held out one massive furry paw.

Charlie licked the lion enthusiastically and jumped onto his back. The lion twitched his head. Ben looked at Emma, Emma looked at Ben. 'I think he wants us to get on his back!' Ben said excitedly. Ben and Emma carefully climbed onto his soft, yellow back.

The lion gave them a wonderful ride, sometimes it was scary because he ran like lightning! Eventually, he slowed down and stopped. He crouched down and lowered his head. Suddenly, they realised they were back at the door, but they were safe.

by Toby Williams
Cwmnedd Primary School - Wales

Competition - My First Story 2017

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