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Connor's Jungle Story

They opened the door, walked through and began to fall down and down until they landed on something very soft and sticky.

Ben stuck a finger into it and tasted it. It was sweet! Emma said, 'Ben, look at that snake!'

It hissed, 'Welcome to Candy Land!'

But the children and their dog did not trust the candy-striped snake and ran away from him as fast as they could.

Running fast, Ben tripped over a big log. He looked round. It wasn't a log, it was a sleeping lion! It was Leo, the king of Candy Land.

'Climb up!' roared Leo. 'I'll take you home,' and with a gallop, off he sped, back to the magic door.

Then, Ben and Emma woke up. Ben said, 'It was all a dream, Emma!'

Emma said, 'No Ben, look at your trousers, they are covered in marshmallow!'

by Connor Pearse Lundy
Our Lady Of Lourdes Primary School - Northern Ireland

Competition - My First Story 2017

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