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Sent Away

'Okay, I'll show you what powers I've got,' said Buddy Blast furiously. 'Mmm...' Suddenly, a big jet of colour came out his horn. Bright Band (Buddy Blast's older brother) and Buddy Blast stared open-mouthed!

'You're a disgrace! Daaaad!'

'What have you done now?' said Dad. 'You're going to Cloud Land now!'

Buddy Blast got to Cloud Land and a little Cloudkin came up to him and said, 'Name?'

'Buddy Blast.'




'Light Land.'

'Rainbow-making section on your first left, goodbye.'

When Buddy Blast got there he saw another firetip. He flew towards it and said, 'Hi!'

by Eleanor Hemsley (9)
Pencaitland Primary School - Scotland

Competition - Crazy Creatures

Copyright remains with the author.