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The Nice Nightmare!

There I was, in the woods, peering into the abyss.

But something caught my eye, something I couldn't miss

It was colossal, its branches sloping and swaying free

That was when I realised it was a large oak tree!

Was it alive? Could I hear its wood heart?

It must have been, or it wouldn't be such art!

Then my own heart started pounding all over my chest,

What should I do, what choice was best?

There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Oh no! Then the oak's branch picked me up for a ride!

I'll tell you now it was scary up there,

But I soon calmed down by the freshness of the air.

I could hear the oak whispering in my ear

'Don't worry lost child your home is near.'

I looked ahead, at the blinking lights of my town.

Then all of a sudden the tree let me down.

'I'm sorry lost child but I must leave you on your own.'

Then he pointed in a direction, the direction of my home.

by Maya Armstrong (10)
Aycliffe CP School - Kent

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.