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Drifting Through Dreamland

My eyes are the gateway to Dreamland,

When they are closed the secrets of my sleep are unlocked,

The dozy dreams unravel and anything is possible…

An inky black darkness is poured over the sky.

A sprinkle of stars is scattered around it like glitter.

A milky moon is suspended from space,

Sending its powerful moonbeams to light up the land below.

The light catches a waterfall,

Turning it pure blue like a sapphire that carpets the side of a cliff.

A canopy of trees is hung with lush, plump fruit.

Beneath the roof of leaves

One thousand red and orange flowers, like fire

Rise up through crisp, emerald-green grass.

Birds fly through the night sky,

The moon glowing on their feathery backs.

by Lola Campbell Farquharson (11)
The Village School - London

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.