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The Moon From My Room

The glowing circle of the moon

Hangs in darkness, yet lights my room.

The shooting stars may dazzle in flight

But it is the gentle moon that bids me goodnight.


How I come to feel its lucid beams

As I lie in bed, awaiting dreams.

What did those two men feel that day

When they stepped off their shuttle with feet of clay?


For no soul had watched the moon before,

They were surely struck with wonder and awe.

And as they bounced amid the rock and dust

They gazed down to see our own Earth's crust.


What should I give to see that sight,

To stand on the planet that gives such light!

To feel the hand of God in all His grace,

To meet the moon face to face.

by Rose Mary Kate Hardcastle (11)
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School - Oxfordshire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

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