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What Would It Be Like?

What would it be like to be a queen or king or prince?

To live in a palace, eating caviar and quince?

To have a truly gigantic estate,

An illustrious house with carvings ornate?

What would it be like to have imperial power?

A marble bath and gold taps in the shower?


What would it be like to be a world-class athlete?

To train every day to be ready to compete?

To be a record-breaker or a premiership star,

Or to win a Grand Prix in a racing car?

What would it be like to hear the hordes go wild

And have your name on the jersey of a child?


What would it be like to be a Hollywood actor?

To be a famous movie star that the crowds adore?

You have to work hard, no time for leisure,

But the reward is fame and wealth beyond measure.

What would it be like to make the fans go crazy?

Like Selena Gomez, Chris Evans or Martin Scorsese?


I don't know, I'm only nine,

But I can dream,

I've got plenty of time!

by Edward Muscat (9)
St Joan Of Arc RC Primary School - London

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

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