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Sailing In A Boat

As my boat glides through the water,

Cutting through like a knife,

A world emerges through a mist,

Bringing new life.


Dragons wave hello at me,

Smiling as they do,

Colossal, big birds,

Noisily chirp, 'Coo, coo'.


A queen comes and shakes my hand,

With her golden crown and all,

Dinosaurs stomp into the picture,

As they're chucked out with a roar!


Unicorns are flying from east to west,

With wings that stretch out wide,

Spiders crawl up the boat,

Bringing with them the tide.


I start to get rather sleepy,

Tiredly, I lie down my head,

And when I wake at morning,

I'm suddenly in my bed.

by Siân Flanigan (10)
St Gildas' RC Junior School - London

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

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