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Winter Cat

The Winter Cat creeps around in the dark.

In trees, gardens and even some parks.

He travels so far, wherever he wants,

And sometimes ends up in a muddy swamp.

He picks himself up and then he's off.

One night he was attracted by a light,

It gave poor Winter Cat such a fright.

If only to realise it was the sun,

Winter Cat would have got up and run.

But as he crept closer, he got oh so hot.

He couldn't bare not knowing what it was,

He started to melt and ran far back,

Winter Cat realised that it was morning

So he crept back into the shadows,

Waiting for night to return.

by Zoƫ MacAllister (10)
St Aloysius Primary School - North Lanarkshire,

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.