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Dreaming Days

The other night I had a dream

I was lazing around, beside a stream

Calm blue water flowed gently by

And up above was a bright blue sky.


Colourful fish jumped here and there

And birdsong echoed through the air

The weeping willow shaded me

I paddled in water up to my knee.


The sparkling air was crisp and cool

And tadpoles flitted like glowing jewels

Dragonflies darted all around

While toadstools grew on mossy ground.


There was vibrant green grass on either side

And in the sun, playful otters dried

Shy deer grazed in the speckled light

Sunrays pierced the trees, shining bright.

On the horizon, mountains towered

And all around me plants flowered

I knew it just could not be real

It was almost too perfect, I could 

by James Haycock (11)
Rokeby School - Kingston upon Thames

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.