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Leo's Jungle Story

One day Emma and Ben were swinging on vines. Suddenly, the dog barked. There was a big snake.

Emma and Ben were scared, then they ran away very quickly. The snake was slithering very fast, luckily they were faster!

Emma and Ben were running away. The snake was gone. Emma said, 'Has he gone?'

Ben said, 'I think so!' Ben and Emma had lost him.

Suddenly, in the green bush a lion peeked out. He said, 'Would you like a lift?' in a growling voice.

Ben and Emma said, 'Yes please,' so they jumped on. They said, 'Take us home, please.'

The lion said, 'OK.' The lion was fast.

Then they arrived. Emma and Ben got off the lion. They played on the small vines and they all lived happily ever after.

by Leo Montague
St Giles' & St George's CE Academy - Newcastle

Competition - My First Story 2017

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