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Seren's Magical Story

… a magical fairy forest. Emma, Ben and their dog called Pebbles looked in amazement. Suddenly, in a puff of rainbow-coloured smoke, appeared a fairy castle. They wondered who lived there.

As they walked towards the castle they bumped into a fairy sitting on a toadstool. 'Hey watch out,' said a voice.

'Sorry,' said Emma and Ben. Pebbles wagged his tail in excitement. 'What's your name?' they said.

'My name is Pinky Pie,' the fairy said.

Emma and Ben could smell something bad like rotten, old, stinky blue cheese. They turned and there was a friendly but very smelly pink troll with crazy hair and a tiny grass skirt, because there were no shops in the magical forest. The troll said, 'My name is Edward, come on, I know a good place to have lunch.'

As they all got closer Emma could smell warm cookies and chocolate. Pebbles ran towards a candy cane and picked it from the gingerbread house.

They all went through the tiny door and, 'Happy birthday,' Pinky Pie, Edward, Emma and Ben shouted to Pebbles the puppy. There were balloons, pretty party hats and a ginormous sparkly birthday cake. They all had a lovely time at the party.

When Emma, Ben and Pebbles, with his tummy full of cake, left the gingerbread house they stepped back out of the tree. They were amazed. Emma and Ben looked at each other, 'Was that all a dream?' they said.

by Seren Lili Shepherd
Beaufort Hill Primary School - Wales

Competition - My First Story 2017

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