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Poppy's Pirate Story

The children were on a boat with their dog, rowing down the river and suddenly the boat began to spin! A magic whirlpool was pulling the boat under the water!

When they opened their eyes they were on a treasure island. On the island was a magic treasure chest.

When they opened the magic chest a pirate jumped out! He had been trapped in the chest for a hundred years!

The pirate had a magic sword and with a wave of his sword he took the treasure and the children to his ship. He made the children walk the plank.

As Ben stepped off the plank, a dolphin caught him. Emma saw that there was another dolphin waiting for her and quickly jumped onto its back.

The dolphins took Ben and Emma back to shore, where they found the magic door which took them back home.

by Poppy Olivia Ford
Breck Primary School - Lancashire

Competition - My First Story 2017

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