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Where On Earth Did Mars Go?

Once upon a time Jai and Kai were riding their bikes to the park. A flash of light caught Jai's eye from a tall, dark, yellow tree. It was hard for Jai and Kai to see because it was autumn and all they could see was a big pile of yellow leaves. They moved the pile of leaves and underneath they found a shiny, silver spaceship. Suddenly the top of the spaceship swung open and they climbed in. As Kai sat down, his bottom pressed a button. The door closed. The spaceship went higher and higher, they had entered space. All of a sudden the spaceship landed on a sticky, squishy surface. The door opened slowly, 'Wow,' said Kai, 'I know that smell.' Jai and Kai walked out of the spaceship. Jai slipped and fell onto the squashy planet. When Jai fell, he got some in his mouth.

'Yum, yum, this is chocolate!' said Jai. Jai and Kai started eating.

Tim Peakes was in the space station. He looked around and said, 'Where on Earth did Mars go?'

by Jai Vadher (7)
The Oaks Infant School - Kent

Competition - My First Story 2017

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