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Matilda's Space Story

As Ben opened the red, shiny magic door, Ben and Emma ended up in space and it was as black as night. Then Emma said to Ben, 'Look, we're wearing silver space helmets.'

Ben suggested to Emma that they should take a rest on the lumpy, grey moon, so they did. It was like it was covered in loads of rabbit holes. Then a slippery, slimy alien came out of an enormous hole.

In a flash, the alien sucked up both of them into his flying saucer, along with their fluffy dog. Ben and Emma were confused.

The alien told them that he didn't have any friends. Emma said that they would be his friends. The alien looked very happy.

As they were flying around the colourful planets, they saw an ugly green space monster, that wanted to eat them. Quick as a bullet, they flew away.

Then the alien dropped them off on Earth, next to the magic tree. They waved goodbye to the friendly alien and they were sad to see him go.

by Matilda Macleod
Danehill CE Primary School - West Sussex

Competition - My First Story 2017

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