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The Shark

In the deep blue sea,
in the burning southern heat,
is a terrifying creature, 
you'd never want to meet.
Lurking deep below,
under the depths of the sea,
lurks that vicious creature,
who munches you and me.
He crunches slippery salmon,
he munches playful plaice,
to anything he sees,
he will give a good chase.
Fear is in the ocean,
just run for your life,
all the innocent animals,
are in a big strife.
With his swishy tail,
and with his mighty jaw,
he swallows all the animals,
and leaves the lucky in awe.
For the powerful shark,
it's just another day,
terrifying tiddlers,
and hunting down its prey.

by Anna Kroon (0)

Competition - Pet Poetry YW

Copyright remains with the author.