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Joseph's Magical World Story

It took them to a magical world where they could do anything they wanted. Emma said to Ben, 'I wish it would rain marshmallows!' Suddenly, it did! Then Emma and Ben began to gobble them up. But they ate soooo many that they felt sick.

The next day, Ben wished for the rivers to turn into bubbly lemonade and they did! So they cannon-balled into the river and they drank and drank until their bellies ached.

They both made a wish that they could watch TV all day long. After a day or two, Ben exclaimed, 'Your eyes have gone square, Emma!'

Next, they wished for the most bouncy furniture in the world and it appeared! They jumped like kangaroos on the furniture but it all got broken.

Ben and Emma realised that the magical world wasn't much fun after all.

They decided to go back through the magic door because a world without rules was not good at all.

by Joseph Oldacre (6)
St Mary's CE (VC) Primary School - West Midlands

Competition - My First Story 2017

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