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Minham's Jungle Story

Emma clutched the door open and gave it a slight nudge. Astounded by what was in front of them, the disturbing silence was erupted as the dog started barking again. They tiptoed through the jungle, being cautious of what was yet to come. They were exposed to never-ending nature. Ben's tired eyes searched for food, just then he fixed his gaze on an enormous tree with big, juicy, green apples, he called out to Emma, 'Look at those apples on the tree!'

'What apples, there's nothing there, it's just your imagination,' Emma said in disappointment. They heard a rustle in the bush, suddenly a long, black-patched snake appeared. He slid his long red tongue back and forth. He hissed, 'Sssss, there's no one, just you and me.'

They slowly made their way, walking slowly backwards until their backs hit a humongous tree. The snake was getting closer. Their hearts were thumping as fast as a cheetah and their fear made them breathless. The snake wrapped himself around them. They were so frightened that they didn't even want to look at him.

Unexpectedly, a mighty brown-furred lion fearlessly pounced on the snake and roared, 'Don't you go near another human again that comes into the land again.'

The snake slid away and the kids said thank you to the lion. Then Emma and Ben went back through the tunnel.

by Minham Khan (7)
St Mary's CE Primary School

Competition - My First Story 2017

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