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Harriet's Jungle Story

One day, Emma and Ben were walking their dog. Suddenly, the dog started barking at a magic door hidden in a tree. They opened the door and it took them to an amazing colourful place that smelt of chocolate and candy. They climbed up vines made of strawberry laces and chocolate leaves.

When they got to the top a big pink snake was waiting for them. 'Hello, my name is Mr Scales. I am very hungry and you three look delicious.'

'Oh no, run for you lives!' shouted Emma. They ran as fast as they could, but Mr Scales was just behind them.

'We taste disgusting, you don't want to eat us!' said Ben.

Suddenly they heard a big scary roar!

'Oh no, run for your lives,' screamed Ben.

'Wait, I can help you. I won't hurt you. I am a good lion. My name is Lenny.'

'Please help us, Mr Scales wants to eat us,' said Emma.

'Jump on my back, I will get you to a safe place.' So they did. They ran through the jungle of sweet candy trees.

'Wow, this place is the best. We've escaped Mr Scales, now can I taste some of your trees?' asked Ben.

They had the best time eating lots of jungle candy.

by Harriet Suzanne Olivero-Chapma (6)
Teesside High School - Stockton-On-Tees

Competition - My First Story 2017

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