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Warm and cosy in bed, fast asleep

Into my dream a great spider does creep.

Onto my pillow from his lair, hidden so deep.

I daren't open my eyes, no, not one peep!


Black and juicy and oh so mean,

Wow, he's the biggest spider I've ever seen.

Spindly legs that are long, bent and hairy

I never knew they could be so scary.


As one leg reached out, his beady eyes looked so creepy,

The panic rose up in me, oh so completely

His plump body moved forward, I glanced at him briefly

But then, oh dear, I began to feel weepy.


Argh! I screamed, I couldn't take it anymore

And just at that moment, Mum opened the door.

His legs moved, and he stared at her, I'm sure,

But too late, he scuttled off on the floor.


Mum opened the curtain, in streamed the sun,

Oh goodness, that night had not been much fun.

by Beth Slevin (8)
Trent CE Primary School - Hertfordshire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.