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Once Upon A Dream

I dreamt I was an astronaut,

Whizzing through deep space.

I saw planets and stars everywhere,

'What a wonderful place!'


Zooming past the singing stars,

I saw a weird-shaped silhouette.

I realised it was an alien,

This was the best dream yet!


We're swimming through space,

We're flying past stars.

I can see giant Jupiter,

And marvellous Mars.


We kept on moving,

I couldn't believe my eyes.

Because floating in space,

Were whole apple pies!


We landed on the moon,

Which was made of Cheddar cheese.

The alien asked if I wanted to eat,

And I replied, 'Yes, please.'

by Wail Hassan Zakieldin (9)
Spring Grove Primary School - Middlesex

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

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